Working with tasks

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Working with tasks

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You can user your tasks to document your complete work flow. This is an example of how to use them:


Create a task and assign it to a colleague. In our example Danielle has received a new task. The task status is "Not started". The check box for "Add new note" is set, so every change on the task state is documented.




As soon as Danielle starts working on the the task the task should be set to the status "In progress". This status change is documented in the "Notes".




While working on the task, she notices that there's a problem with handling this tasks. The client wants the support manager to handle the problem. Danielle tags the task with the status "Problem" and assigns the task to her manager. She additionally adds a note to the task, using the Quick entry line, so her manager knows what the problem is.




Now Adriana receives a desktop message, that a new task was assigned to her. She will open the task, check the notes and act accordingly.

In the configuration of Xpert-Timer you can set five individual task status.




Attachments to tasks

You can attach documents to your tasks. This way you can keep information linked to your task and project. Click on "new document" to attach a document to your task or drag&drop a document from your Windows Explorer on the text area of the task.


If you right click on the created document, you can edit the details and settings of the document. If you double click the document, you get a preview.


Notes to tasks        

If you want to add information to your task, you should use the notes. Every user who has the access right to open the details of a task can see the notes (an extra access right). This way you assure your colleagues receive all information about the task at any time.

To create a new note, simply click on "New" and add all necessary information.