Add a reimbursable expense

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Add a reimbursable expense

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To add new reimbursables, I'd display the area in the project manager. This way it's easier to view all entries. Show the Reimbursables by hitting the "Display areas" button.

Mark the project you want to create a reimbursable for and hit either the "Add reimbursable" button above your project list or the green plus button in your Reimbursables/Costs area.



A dialog will open, where you can add the reimbursable expense. You can add as many details as you like.



After the first installation of Xpert-Timer, there will be some example templates in your ledger:



Choose a template from the catalog or enter the description of your reimbursable expense in the Description field.


After you've entered all necessary details, click on save and you new reimbursable expense will show up in your reimbursables:


Different currencies

Xpert-Timer supports different currencies. So if you have reimbursables, that need to be saved in another currency than your standard currency you can do so. But please keep in mind, that if you use different currencies, you cannot calculate a total sum, as it wouldn't make sense.


In the total of your reimbursables, you'll only see a note, that there's different currencies in your list.


If you group your list by currency, then again, you can see the total price for them.