Backup your database

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Backup your database

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For security reasons, you should backup your database regularly. In order to restore your database, copy the file "xt_date+time.mdb" with the newest date back to the database directory and rename it to xt.mdb.

Xpert-Timer creates backups by default as long as you are using a Microsoft Access Database or a SQLite Database.

If you happen to loose your database, or due to a power failure, your Access database doesn't work anymore, check your Backup path and find the newest backup of your database. The files are named "xt_date+time.mdb". Rename the newest file to xt.mdb and save it in your database folder in the program folder of Xpert-Timer.


The automatic backups are only available in the single user version. Manual backups, also for SQL Servers can be created in the XT Admin. Make sure you set the correct backup paths.